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Relationships Matter

From Attorney John M. Saletta

“When it comes to providing exceptional legal representation for our clients, relationships matter. By being selective in the cases we accept, we have the opportunity to truly get to know you and fully appreciate the impact of your injury. Forming a close working relationship with each of our clients allows us to best meet or exceed our clients’ goals and expectations.”

John treated me like I was a member of his family. He is honest and straightforward and counseled me every step of the way. With his skills in negotiation, he was able to achieve a multi-million dollar settlement in less than 18 months, which was beyond my wildest expectations. He is an outstanding lawyer and an even better person.

S. M., Chicago, IL

I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident in which I suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. John did a great job as my attorney! By negotiating settlements with the insurance companies for two of the at-fault drivers and going to trial against the driver of the other vehicle involved, John was able to maximize my total settlement. He even negotiated a settlement of all of my unpaid medical bills. With John’s help, I was able to get back on my feet, pay all of my medical bills, and start a whole new life.

– Laura A., Addison, Illinois

John Saletta was the 4th attorney I went to and the “only one” who felt the same way that I did – that what occurred during my surgery wasn’t fair. I was told I had a choice, “I could either speak or breathe, but I couldn’t do both”. John stood up for me when no one else would. He has a lot of personal integrity & will fight for what’s right. I would refer John as one of the most outstanding lawyers in the Chicagoland area. He truly stands up for his clients when no one else will and fights to win fair settlements.

– Gail A., St. John, Indiana

My sister died in the hospital a day after giving birth to her daughter. Originally, my family hired another lawyer who filed a lawsuit but eventually dropped the case, telling us that a medical expert could not be found to support the case. I feel so fortunate that we were put in touch with Mr. Saletta. He accepted our case, despite all of its challenges, and hired the best medical experts to testify on our behalf. The defendant doctor never offered any money to settle the lawsuit. Our case went to trial and Mr. Saletta obtained a $5.5 million dollar verdict against the doctor. I would highly recommend Mr. Saletta to anyone in need of an excellent personal injury attorney.

– Lakisha L., Chicago, Illinois

We were faced with a difficult situation and a short timeline when we were seeking an attorney to handle our case. The most important thing for us was to find someone who we could feel comfortable with and trust. John Saletta went above and beyond in this category and really took time to get to know us and our personal situation and did so with compassion. John remained confident in our case and kept a positive attitude even as we were met with obstacles along the way. He represented us extremely well and successfully settled our case keeping us up-to-date and engaged in the process through its entirety. We would strongly recommend hiring John for anyone who may have the need.

– Jen and Mike: Illinois

We felt very fortunate to have John lead us through what could have been a very difficult process…his expertise and warmth guided us from start to finish. Without a doubt, we will refer him to friends and family in need of a highly competent, dedicated and compassionate lawyer.

– Cynthia L., Illinois

John traveled from Chicago to Rock Island County to handle a medical malpractice case for my family involving the death of my beloved wife, Theresa. As the case was getting close to trial, John sat down with our family and explained to us the strengths and weaknesses of our case. At our request, he negotiated an outstanding settlement with the insurance company. John helped my family through a very difficult time and the financial settlement he obtained brought us some closure following this tragedy.

– Terry M., East Moline, Illinois

From the start John told me that my case would be difficult to win and he explained the legal challenges that we faced. Despite these obstacles, John committed to take on my case, determined to find some measure of justice amid a mountain of uncertainty. His determination and belief in my case resulted in a large financial settlement after only six months of litigation. John Saletta has been my Angel throughout my fight against metastatic melanoma. Often he would phone simply to check on me and see how my treatments were progressing. John brings with him honesty, sincerity and years of experience, unlike the ambulance-chasing approach that so many people have come to expect with other lawyers in this field. In the end, I not only had the pleasure of working with one of the best personal injury lawyers in the area, but I gained a friend. From me and the rest of my family: Thank you.

– Cathy W., Huntley, Illinois

Before hiring John to represent me, I was under the impression that it would likely take years before my case would be resolved. Through his dedication and relentless pursuit of my claim, John was able to achieve a settlement on my behalf in eight months. The settlement amount exceeded all of my expectations and the speed in which this settlement was reached allowed me to move forward with my life and put this incident behind me much sooner than I ever would have believed.

– Tom K., Northbrook, Illinois

Other lawyers refused to accept my case saying it would be extremely difficult to prove and that the jury would not believe my testimony. John was the only attorney who believed in me and my case. He went to trial against the anesthesiologist who injured me and we won the case. John convinced the jury that the doctor was wrong and that I was telling the truth about what happened and injuries I suffered.

– Cathy N., Manhattan, Illinois