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Premises Liability

Premises liability generally refers to accidents that occur to an individual while on someone else’s property. These landowners include homeowners, business owners and municipalities. Landowners are responsible for maintaining their property and facilities in a safe condition for their guests and tenants. This means keeping their premises in a safe condition so as to prevent “slip and fall” accidents as well as crimes such as an assault.

Mr. Saletta has successfully represented numerous clients in a number of different types of premises liability cases. For example, he has represented seriously injured victims of slip and fall accidents, victims of crimes, and the family of a woman mauled to death by pit bulls in a forest preserve. Some of his results in premises liability cases include a $550,000 settlement in a defective porch railing case, a $225,000 settlement for a woman who fell down stairs in a commercial office building, a $150,000 settlement to a woman who was sexually assaulted on the job by a co-worker, and a confidential settlement for woman who fell at a Portillo’s restaurant as well as a confidential settlement for a woman who slipped and fell on ice at a White Castle restaurant.